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Furries at Anime Friends 2011

This article was initially supposed to be about the furry room at Anime Friends 2011(An anime convention that happens yearly in Brazil, São Paulo), however, something was different at the convention this year... Something that forced me to shift the subject of the article... Something VERY out of the ordinary. The furry attendance was huge. Way higher than in any of the previous years. With or without a fursuit, it wasn't hard to bump into a familiar furry face (at least to me) around the corridors and rooms throughout the event.

Around the furry room, the usual “Look, it's the plushie stand” comments didn't seem to be as frequent as in the past. One could now hear “Furry Room”(sic) being said out loud, even though a slight mocking tone from those commenting it could still be felt.

As for the furry room itself... It's going quite well, thank you! On the 17th, during the moments I were nearby it, it was usually packed and bustling with movement, despite the horrendous heat in the building where the rooms were allocated.

Muzzle to Muzzle 2 - Heather Bruton


*The camera walks slowly between big trees with copper-color, reddish and golden leaves, which indicates the Autumn. They fall smoothly under the moon, while the camera focus on a bonfire inside a clearing, in the middle of a great Canadian forest. The camera shows a short-fur chow chow, wearing a beige-wool tuxedo and a hunter-style hat, sitting on a tree trunk*

Hwei Chow: Hello! And be welcome to another edition of Muzzle to Muzzle! After getting rid of FBI we came to Canada specially to interview her, who is one of the most well-known, respected and admired artists of the international furry fandom. We’re talking today with Heather Bruton!

*Zuko is wearing like a butler and brings the sheets to Chow*

Zuko: Why do I need to do Perx’ work?

*Camera shows the black cat tied and gagged to a nearby tree*

Chow: For him not to spoil the interview... And please, bring us a nice hot chocolate! And serve Titus, as well!
*Some animals stares at what is happening inside the woods.*

Chow: Heather, just for starting, I like to ask the interviewee about what they do outside the internet, in real life. Where do you live and where do you work?

Heather Bruton: I live in Kitchener, Ontario, which is a small city half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Before that I lived in toronto and before that I resdied in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I work out of my home,which I share with my best friend, her husband and two calico cats.

*Zuko brings the hot chocolate, not so pleasant to do other’s job, while Perx keeps struggling against the tree*

Muzzle to Muzzle 1 - FurAffinity


*The camera moves slowly showing inside an airplane. The flight is crowded and everybody is looking to a point near where the camera is. The cam then close up on a short-fur smily chow chow, wearing an indigo-blue suit, cream shirt and a blue necktie, as well*

Hwei Chow - Hi people! Be welcome to American Airlines flight 511 bound for Washington D.C. From where I, Hwei Chow, brings to you the international version of Focinho a Focinho, Muzzle to Muzzle! And, for our first interview we've hijacked this plane exclusively to talk to him, the main responsible for Fur Affinity, Dragoneer!

*Titus moves the camera away, showing Dragoneer sitting next to Chow, seeming not to be understanding very well what's going on. The other passengers whisper confusingly while Zuko hands Chow some sheets with the questions to be made. *