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hey.... I'm new and I don't speak portuguese...
hey everyone! I'm AKARISU Orichalcum... or Kate Hanami.... or... Axel Shohey..... and, what the heck... I'm was formerly known as Wyll Gonron... so there! call me whatever...

I don't speak almost nothing in Portuguese... I know what most words means, but I can't make sense out of them together on a phrase Undecided so bear with me...
my story is that I was raised in Florida with my parents as an only child, my father (real asshole by the way) had a job offer when I was about 9 years old, but they sold the company and he was outsourced... rather, sent back.. to Brazil and I'm living here for a few years now and I don't like, but I've decided to accept I may not be going back for many years still and might as well make some friends here!

about me:
well... I'm that rare Outgoing and Shy type, I''ll be very playful and friendly, but I'll keep my distance and not really talkative...
I like gaming (much like anyone else really) just for casual fun, really... I've always dreamed to make my own games that would surpass Final Fantasy X's story and Devil may Cry 3's gameplay, but that's too big of a talk to do it on my own v(^.^)v
I'm also that rare kind of intellectual and athletic mishmash... I'm good with computers and coding, but I'm quite at basket and fighting
and just to get out of the way, I'm Bi (hmm.... I'm starting to see a pattern here..) and I'n looking for a mate for a (long term) relationship, but that's can be put aside and wait, just need some good friends I could eventually see in real life someday in the future..
and about that... I'm very friendly and kind, and if you have me as your friend, you just have probably the greatest one you'll ever have! but I'll have to admit, even I can get in a bad mood sometimes and that can ruin everything, so, don't say something stupid when I'm mad at life, Mmkay?
so, let's see... what else?
I like roleplaying, ask me and I'll always be up to it... I love fursuiting! I wish I had my own, but money and open slots are never together for me Confused , but I love hugging suiters (and fluffy stuff in general) (and by the way, don't mind me if I get too touchy feely), I love taking pictures for keepsake, treasuring those moments in memory, and the thing I most value is honesty, I never tell a lie, and I prefer to be hurt by a bad truth than being lied to... so, yeah...

I'll not put my contacts here anytime soon, I don't know the rules and I still don't trust this place enough (I literally just walked in), so.. I'll be around the forum posting stuff and replying, PM me anytime
You are welcome to Furry Brasil! ^^

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